Robert Birch




Pebbles from the seashore with no particular intrinsic value are as relevant as the more precious stones. Minerals from the British Isles are favored particularly Whitby Jet, Ammonites and Blue John fluorite found on Treak Cliff near the village of Castleton, Derbyshire. Robert Birch is also inspired by the Imagery and Traditions of British Seafaring, The three dimensional form of Vessels and Shipwrecks, ranging from Nordic Viking Ships to Tea Clippers and Iron Steamers. Natural and Synthetic Materials are used in combination with Precious Metals.

1. The Design 4 Science Exhibition 2007

Featuring a collection of silver and 14ct gold Jewellery that explores the possibilities of form, derived from the scientific discovery of ATP synthesis. The Collection was created using computer aided design and rapid prototyping. © Robert Birch

2. Hearts

5 – 6 Heart in Chains Carved Tagua Nut and Silver © Robert Birch