Robert Birch


Silverware Collection


Several recurring design themes can be seen to run throughout, using a proportional and harmonious relationship between geometric elements and organic fluid forms. Inspired by the seashore, water, soap bubbles and minimal surface curves, coupled with a long-standing fascination with Moorish, Middle Eastern & Oriental Architecture. The work often takes advantage of the reflective qualities of silver asserting the belief that "The one guiding principle of all true craftsmanship is this: the forms used in design should express naturally and simply the properties

1. Champagne Bubble Salver

Hand Raised Silver incorporating minimal surface curves and reflections. Masters Degree Project whilst at Royal College of Art in London: Celebrating Queen Elizabeth ll, Silver Jubilee 1977 © Robert Birch

2. Phi Π Bubble Box

Silver and Ebony construction incorporating minimal surface curves and golden section geometry: Located in the Victoria and Albert Museum Collection © Robert Birch

3. Bubble Boxes

4. "Assam"

A Sterling Silver teapot with an oriental form featuring an engine turned decoration of tealeaves and a handle of Whitby Jet. Designed for the infusing and enjoyment of exclusive specialist teas from Assam: "The land of hills and valleys, the land of mighty river Brahmaputra, the land of Mother Goddess Kamakhya, which lies in the north-eastern corner of India", and produced for "SILVER AND TEA-A PERFECT BLEND" an exhibition of Silver Teapots and Associated Items, held at the Goldsmiths' Hall, Foster Lane. London 28th May to 3rd July 1998. © Robert Birch

5. Liturgical Silver

Silver Chalice based on the Vesica Piscis geometry (The spheres of heaven and earth) is paced on loan to The Treasury at Canterbury Cathedral where it was originally exhibited.